About Us

A group of logistics expert driven by excellence

CAMAJOR Cargo group are a Cambodia based supply chain, logistics and freight forwarding company (not affiliated with an ocean carrier and not part of a global forwarding entity) that we can do for you with the services, equipment, operating locations and our greatest resource, consolidators people as an operator.

With over the last few decades experience we have built up a strong local knowledge, personalities, skills and expertise in our logistics field, and by total with our global logistics network alliance, comprehensive of the globalocal market and entire supplier chain – further strengthen CAMAJOR offering global logistics execution contract logistics business and freight management business for end to end supply chain solutions.

We logistics HELP, we’re passionate about helping our clients operate their supply chains more effectively, since logistics is not only about moving cargo from point A to point B. It requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and expertise as it is a management of an effective supply chain. By having an efficient supply chain and proper logistical procedures, a company can cut costs and increase efficiency, and most importantly it can stay competitive in its line of business.

At CAMAJOR Cargo, we do things differently -to ensure we continue providing efficient and effective solutions for our clients, and we believe our clients are served more effectively at a local level. Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered and committed to our values about the tailored logistics solutions we offer for your industry connecting global markets with local expertise.

“Our people. Your secret resource of Better Logistics. Companies choose CAMAJOR because they trust that we have the best people in the industry working on their business”

Our mission.

Sharing the passion, sharing our love for logistics not just a profession, but a commitment of high performance happy people for tailored logistics solutions for you. We work everyday building trust with each other, building our team from within and investing in the best and brightest young logistics leaders, together we have no limits in our services as an operators providing air and sea freight, road freight, multimodal solutions and contract logistics along with associated value-added services to meet all your needs.

Logistics with a human sense, it’s all about people, better people with a heart for logistics who bringing globalocal experience, skills, knowledge and insights for better logistics and better business for you..

Our vision.

CAMAJOR come a major in local and a company future leading logistics service owned by our people. By an entrepreneurial spirit, a leader creates new leaders and together commit and form Great Place To Work Institute, providing the financial security to sustain the company and its employee now and into the future, and offering short-term financing to make trading easier and simpler with CAMAJOR Group trade and finance investment division offers trade financing to our existing clients.

We are one team seeking to be the best results in strategic partnerships with our vendors, customers and agents more in constant improvement and constant change.

Our values.

Our people, dedicated people who know and care your business, and a team of committed industry specialists with extensive knowledge and experience within your supply chain, by helping you to minimize your operating costs, improve your customer service and optimize your productivity better business for you. We strive to be great in everything we do, and this is what we do today, the everyday focus of our people in serving and creating value for our customers and each other.

Customer satisfaction & customer loyalty is what we strive for, all this is because we put you at the heart of our story. So our story is not about us, it’s about you and what we can do for you.!

Our goal.

Camajor’s people make the difference, together working with a vision, building sustainable development, combining unrivalled experience and delivering promise.

Broaden our vision, and maintain stability whilst advancing forward with people and technology working in perfection harmony. We will try to create the conditions where persons could come together in a spirit of teamwork, and exercise to their heart’s desire their technological capacity.

Our aim.

To make every product and service climate positive, to take action from a sustainability standpoint and forward-thinking businesses.

CAMAJOR aims to achieve smart logistics, the digital data and platform technology to creat a logistics ecosystem and a strong interconnected trade facilitation cycle, that companies work with Camajor can see significant operating improvements, enjoy end-to-end visibility, and their supply chains became more sustainable and agile.

Industries we are experts in





Woodend product.



Contract logistics.

Rail and transport.


Metal and steel.


Oil and gas.

Non-alcoholic beverages.




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