Cargo Insurance


Ocean carriers generally limit their liability to a few cents per unit. If you don’t carry marine insurance coverage, be prepared to only receive a fraction of the cost of your cargo from the carrier. “All risk” marine insurance covers the full cost of your goods, customs duties, lost freight charges, and the high cost of General Average Claims to make you whole again.

We’ve developed a strong tie up relationship with a Cambodia-based insurance company who is rated A+ for financial strength. This will ensure your claims are paid promptly. You may currently rely on your supplier overseas to insure your merchandise with a foreign based company. We have found from experience, claims that are filed with foreign companies are extensively delayed, and sometimes declined outright.

CAMAJOR offers competitive rates for marine insurance and inland truck insurance to cover your Door to Door shipments..

”All risk” cargo insurance covers:

*Physical loss or damage to cargo                          *Pilferage

*Water Damage                                                           *Leakage

*Theft                                                                               *Steam of Hold

*Contact with other cargo                                          *Rough Handling

*Carrier Insolvency                                                       *Breakage

*General Average                                                         *Burning

Since Freight Forwarding, Shipping Lines, Airlines, NVOCC, Trucking and Railway companies and other transportation intermediates all have limited liability clauses in their terms and conditions if your cargo is lost or damaged in transit.

We therefore recommended all our customers to cover their cargo value with an insurance for any direct lose or damage from door to door.

CAMAJOR is able to help our clients with this through our people. We take utmost care of risk management, to eliminate any risk and protect our customers from the unexpected and unpleasant surprises and leverage results to positive and efficient experience for our clients.

We watch and track flow control your shipment anytime, anyway. While there are multiple variables beyond our control, such as weather, geopolitics, human errors, and natural disasters, our team works tirelessly to take utmost care and handle these issues and solve them as they arise, since one of our top priorities is to ensure getting our clients’ valuable goods from point A to point B in timely and safe manner as seamlessly as possible.

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