Why Us

“All your logistics needs at once place connecting global markets with local expertise”

WHY US: Logistics with a human sense is Better People, dedicated people who know-how your business is Better Logistics, and providing you personalized and customized logistics and services with people have extensive knowledge and experience within your supply chain is Better Business for you -one team of committed industry professionals seeking to be the best results in constant improvement and constant change with our clients and agents for long term growth strategic partnerships.

WHAT WE DO: we offer customized logistics solutions for your entire supplier chain. Complete perspective–from manufacturer to retailer to consumer– enable you to achieve operational excellence at every stage. Services range from consulting and design, to management and execution.

CAMAJOR supply chain has two main businesses:

Its contract logistics business includes ground-based supply chain management services such as warehousing and distribution assembly, and just-in-time services. Its freight management business includes inland freight, air freight and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage and multimodal services.

HOW WE DO IT: we can do for you with the services, equipment, operating locations and our greatest resource, consolidators people through the knowledge and experience that we present consolidators as ‘an operator with a difference’….and that difference is reflect in quality and level of service we do today, the everyday focus of our people in serving and creating value for our customers.

HOW WE CAN HELP: we logistics help, we specialize in freight transportation management, and we have a professional, expert staff that can evaluate your operations and develop methods and procedures for helping your company reduce freight transportation costs while improving service quality and price is always going to be on the table, is no secret, it directly affects the bottom line.

CAMAJOR is logistics help and helps companies grow and expand their access to markets all over the world, that they can sell and procure raw materials, components, semi-finished products, industrial goods and consumer products with our worldwide freight expertise you can trust and deserve the best logistical solutions for imports and exports, generating operational and financial results in line with the expectations of our customers.

More recently we have continued our rapid expansion in our business operations, we never stand still, always developing every area of our business.

Connecting global markets with local logistics experts and professional worldwide logistics network alliance has forged trusted partnerships across nearly every industry, including retail, food, beverages, automotive, aerospace, e-commerce,electronics, healthcare, agriculture and more.

At CAMAJOR is more than shipping, more than a freight forwarder. We provide more than you would expect with widely connected access point to a global logistics network of resources and experts.

 We believe that our people will always be the backbone of our business and it is around man woman and his / her competence and professionalism that quality and trust are built.


Quality Service Starts with Reliable people. Excellence in LOGISTICS depends on having a team of well-trained and highly skilled people in the right places.


  • - Providing safe care
  • - Taking responsibility
  • - Doing the right thing
  • - Delivering quality improvement


  • - Building trust
  • - Being open and honest
  • - Recognising achievement
  • - Celebrating success
  • - Encouraging others

Everyone counts.

  • - Putting people first
  • - Working together
  • - Valuing our differences
  • - Promoting inclusion
  • - Believing in myself and others

Here to Help Your Every Business Need

Stop worrying any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.